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First Encounter: Destinies Past Chapter 4

Background: He is one of Avalon sorcerers



"Is the enemy nearby?" - When the player starts a pact.

"Is it time to kill again?" - When the player starts fighting an Archfiend.

"Are you alright?" - When the player takes damage.

"You've done enough. Get back!" - When the player takes damage whilst below half health.

"This wound? Not so bad." - When he takes damage.

"Sorry, you shouldn't have to worry about me." - When he takes damage whilst below half health.

"Oh, no." - When he takes damage whilst low on health.

"I'm dead..." - When incapacitated.

"Sorry, I was no help at all." - When incapacitated.

"Thanks for rescuing me." - When saved.

"Attack while we have the chance." - When an Archfiend suffers from a status effect.

"Amazing. Very Impressive!" - When the player kills a monster.

"You could try to save that enemy." - When the player kills a monster.


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