Albarn can be saved as the Basilisk to become an ally. He was the original Basilisk, the blind man from the legend of the Basilisk. Wether he regained his sight or is still blind is unknown.

First Encounter: Forgotten Pacts - Hour of Sappanwood - Eyeing a Giant Sandful (DLC)



"Is the enemy nearby?" - When the player starts a pact.

"Is it time to kill again?" - When the player starts fighting an Archfiend.

"Are you alright?" - When the player takes damage.

"You've done enough. Get back!" - When the player takes damage whilst below half health.

"This wound? Not so bad." - When he takes damage.

"Sorry, you shouldn't have to worry about me." - When he takes damage whilst below half health.

"Oh, no." - When he takes damage whilst low on health.

"I'm dead..." - When incapacitated.

"Sorry, I was no help at all." - When incapacitated.

"Thanks for rescuing me." - When saved.

"Attack while we have the chance." - When an Archfiend suffers from a status effect.

"Amazing. Very Impressive!" - When the player kills a monster.

"You could try to save that enemy." - When the player kills a monster.


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