First Encounter: Only Memories Remain Ch. 6 - Kill the Hydra. Anbard can be saved as the archfiend Hydra making him an avaible ally.

Background: He is a former unbeaten swordsmen from the legend of the Hydra. Anbard was once a man from poor family before becoming a famous warrior specialized in sword fighting. In the Lore it was said he was very skilled in dual swords wielding. He was so obsessed in obtaining a perfect battle technique that it led to his transformation into an archfiend. After being saved Anbard clearly shows that he doesn't want to kill any unnecessary creatures any more. 

Fighting style: Due to his background Anbard has two swords with him but he actually never uses them in battle. (Most likely because he no longer sees a reason to use them, seeing as he how he now wields magic.) Among his offering there is the magic of the Hydra (Tyrant's Tentacle (S)) and other various venom spells.



Defeated as archfiend: "N-No! I don't want to die!"

"What is our target?" - Beginning of Phantom Quests

Player defeats a creature: "Why kill it?"


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