First Encounter: Severeal Years Later Ch. 5 - Kill the Elven Queen. Can be saved as the archfiend Elven Queen.

Background: Being trapped in the Elvenvale she's most likely the woman from the Elven Queen legend.

After salvation she has a brief talk with Magusar and the author of Librom journal. Anrakh says that she is sorry for the things she has done in the past. Magusar advises her to think what she can do to atone.

Anrakh is dressed in her own unique white raiment. It can be seen on the picture of the woman from the Elven Queen legend in the Lore section. Most of her spells are close and mid range volt offerings.



Saving her as an archfiend: "I'm scared of dying."

Beginning: "Let's search for our target."

Player defeats a creature: "You are powerful indeed...."

Player defeats a creature: "Perhaps you can show some mercy?"

Taking Damage: "It Hurts... but it's nothing I can't handle."

"Be careful. Now's not the time to confront it." - When an Archfiend becomes enraged.

"This would be a good moment to strike..." - When an Archfiend suffers from a status effect.

"I've seen enough blood for one day." - When the player defeats an Archfiend.

"Perhaps it's all for show... Still, it's for the best." - When the player saves an Archfiend


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