First Encounter: Fellow Sorcerers. The Wicked Sorcerer Chapter 4

Background: She is one of Avalon sorrcerers



"Let's search for the target." - When the player starts a pact.

"The time to do battle is upon us once more." - When the player starts fighting an Archfiend.

"Come on, focus." - When the player takes damage.

"There's no honour in a reckless death" - When the player takes damage whilst below half health.

"This is proving tougher than I thought." - When she takes damage.

"It hurts... But it's nothing I can't handle" - When she takes damage whilst below half health.

"Someone, please..." - When incapacitated.

"I'm so... weak..." - When incapacitated

"The battle continues, does it?" - Unknown.

"Be careful. Now's not the time to confront it." - When an Archfiend becomes enraged.

"This would be a good moment to strike..." - When an Archfiend suffers from a status effect.

"Listen... Our enemy is whimpering." - When an Archfiend is low on health.

"You are powerful indeed..." - When the player kills a monster.

"Will you sacrifice your victim?" - When the player kills a monster.

"Perhaps you can show some mercy?" - When the player kills a monster.

"Now decide what you're going to do with your victim." - When the player kills a monster.

"I've seen enough blood for one day." - When the player defeats an Archfiend.

"Perhaps it's all for show... Still, it's for the best." - When the player saves an Archfiend.


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