First Encounter: II. Desire: Snowfields Stone Man - Save the Gargoyle. Atechvar can be saved as the archfiend Gargoyle making him an avaible ally.

Background: He's the young man from the legend of the Gargoyle. He was a prince and even from a tender age, he became known for his handsome looks. He also displayed keen intelligence and great skill at arms but because of this every one held him under a great attention. This caused his desire to turn away from people and be alone. He is the only character from the Lore that made two wishes before transforming into an archfiend.

Fighting style: It was stated in the Gargoyle lore that he was naturally skilled in arms and fighting. He can transform in to his Gargoyle self as his signature spell. His offerings set is very versatile consisting of morph, healing, melee, explosives and armor.



"Well, let's get going, shall we?" - Beginning of Phantom Quests


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