Belator can be saved as Beelzebub to become an ally. He was the original Beelzebub, the aristocrat with great pride from the legend of Beelzebub. He is very similar to Thyrian in some way. They were both turned in to Archfiends to further there own laziness, both supposedly have been to laze to take care of there basic needs. Belator was living in garbage because he was to lazy to clean up after himself and and Thyrian almost starving to death because he was to lazy to feed himself but oddly enough neither show any of there supposed lazyness after being saved, meaning they might have learned their lesson. Both lust for battle and want to kill has many archfiends as possible.  

First Encounter: Forgotten Pacts - Hour of Cypress - Cave of the Insect King (DLC)

He is dressed in his own unique version of Conjurer raiment and has a crown on his head.



"I'll tear those monsters apart." - Beginning of Phantom Quests.


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