First Encounter: VII. Judgement: Giant of the Ruins - Kill the Cyclops. Can be saved as the archfiends Cyclops making him an avaible ally.

Background: He was a Doppelganger of the original Cyclops.



"I have faith in you." - Beginning of Phantom Quests.

"So you'll be sacrificing it, yes?" - Defeat a foul creature.

"That's the spirit!" - Defeat a foul creature.

"Let's see how you fare in battle." - Beginning a fight with an Archfiend.

"We can't let our guard down." - When you take light damage.

"You've been beaten black and blue. Are you okay?" - When you take heavy damage.

"I need to stay out of harm's way." - When taking light damage.

"Urgh... Urgh..." - When taking heavy damage.

"It's come to this..." - Dying

"Make your choice. I trust your judgement." - Dying

"Kind-hearted, aren't you? Thank you." - Upon being saved.

"This is our chance to strike. Don't miss it!" - Inflict an ailment upon an archfiend.

"Victory is within sight." - Archfiend reduced to orange health or lower.

"Ha! It never stood a chance against us." - Archfiend reduced to orange health or lower.

"Now, it's time for the grand finale..." - Archfiend awaiting your decision.

"We did what had to be done." - Upon sacrificing an Archfiend.


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