First Encounter: The Wicked Sorcerer Ch. 1 - Eliminate Foul Beasts. Can be recruted as an ally after The Wicked Sorcerer Ch. 2.

Background: A sorcerer driven by a vision to end all sacrifices by giving riches to the poor.

Fighting Style: Carnatux is able to stand on his own with his healing item, making him a valuable ally. He does tend to spam the boulderbug shell, which can knock over you and other allies.



Beginning: "They say money isn't everything...well, they're wrong!  Haha!"

Player defeats a creature: "Keep it up!  Find things we can sell!"

Player defeats a creature: "That's it, my friend!  Ha ha!  Go on, earn your keep!"

Player defeats a creature: "If we can't sell it, I don't want it."

Player takes minor damage: "So you're beaten and poor.  Life's tough."

Taking minor damage: "I don't mind paying to have grazes like this fixed up."

Taking major damage: "This wounds look like they'll cost a pretty penny to treat..."

Near death: "I have to pay for treatment,  I'm not made of money!"

Dying: "I can't die, What about the money I didn't get to spend."

Saved: "You save me, But don't go hoping for a reward."  

Archfiend near death: "That reward is almost in the bag!"

Archfiend experiencing Elemental Hell: "Opportunity!"

Player ready to Save/Sacrifice an archfiend: "It's up to you. What's going to make us the most money?"

Saving an archfiend: "Eh, do what you want.  Money's the only salvation I need."

Sacrificing an archfiend: "That's fine by me. As long as there's a reward in it for us." 


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Supporting Characters
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Fellow Sorcerers
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