First Encounter: II. Desire: A Royal Welcome - Kill the Elven Queen. Can be saved as the archfiend Elven Queen  making her an available ally.

Background: She became a Doppelganger.



Defeated as archfiend: "I can't die... my dutys remain unfullfilled."

"Time to do our duty." - Beginning of Phantom Quests.

"Will you sacrifice it?" - Defeat a foul creature.

"What are you going to do with it?" - Defeat a foul creature.

"You're getting good at this." - Defeat a foul creature.

"You won't last long at this rate!" - When you take light damage.

"Come on. Don't get sloppy." - When you take light damage.

"Don't be so reckless!" - When you take light damage.

"It's nothing. Don't worry." - Taking light damage.

"This is bad..." - Taking heavy damage.

"This is the end..." - Dying

"Hnnngh..." - Dying

"Come on! Give it everything!" - Inflict an ailment upon an Archfiend.

"Our attacks are working well." - Archfiend reduced to orange health or lower.

"...It's down. On its last legs." - Archfiend awaiting decision.

"We are just doing our duty." - Upon sacrificing an Archfiend.

"What!? Why would you spare a monster's life!?" - Upon saving an Archfiend.


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