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There was once a certain empire rapidly expanding its territories. Rumours concerning the imperial army were widespread. Their soldiers were said to be extremely powerful, with designs on conquering the entire world.

One rather small and isolated kingdom appeared set to be the empire's next target.

The difference in military might was all too apparent. The small kingdom had no hope of winning a conflict against the empire. Even before blows had been exchanged, the kingdom was filled with the gloom of defeat. Everyone felt certain that their capitulation was only a matter of time.

The kingdom was home to a deeply patriotic soldier. Though his talents were rather modest, there was no doubting the passion for his homeland.

This soldier could not bear the thought of his beloved kingdom being invaded.

An invasion would, after all, mean more than mere exploitation. The national flag itself would be replaced, and his countrymen would be forced to change their whole way of life...

He vowed that he would never let his kingdom's spirit be destroyed.

The soldier would prove himself a true patriot.

He stood alone against the enemy. As the imperial army made its way towards the kingdom, they found the soldier blocking the road.

An act of bravery, whose consequences were all too predictable...

The imperial vanguard swept him aside without the slightest difficulty. It was like swatting away a troublesome fly.

The vanguard themselves were mighty soldiers, after all. It was an ominous sign of what was to follow in the main force.

That main force never made it to the kingdom, however. After the vanguard had passed by, a curious "checkpoint" appeared on the road, preventing the main force from proceeding.

The vanguard were isolated. The kingdom's soldiers could not believe their luck. They seized the opportunity, and repelled the invasion.

But what in the world was the "checkpoint" that had been their saviour?

It was the patriotic soldier's body.

After the imperial vanguard had trampled over him, a curious white light revealed itself to the soldier. A white chalice floated in front of him, and started to speak. The soldier listened to the chalice, and obeyed its every command.

His grotesquely enlarged mouth turned into a checkpoint entrance, into which the soldiers had no choice but to venture. After entering the mouth, the invading army trudged through a deeply unsettling passage. Through creased intestines and caverns filled with bile the soldiers came, eventually, to an exit... The sheer unpleasantness of it all was too much. Most of them simply retreated in disgust.

The soldier had saved his beloved kingdom.

Though this all happened a very long time ago... The checkpoint and the cavern within it still carry the soldier's name to this day. Goliath.

Quests taking placeEdit

Avalon Pacts


Heard during memory quests:

  • The futility was all too clear.
  • I must protect this kingdom...
  • This kingdom that my ancestors founded...
  • I love it with all my heart.
  • People should be proud to be citizens here.
  • But my kindom will become contaminated.
  • Its flag, its customs...
  • But they cannot taint our minds.
  • We must protect our kingdom.
  • Even if my life be the cost...
  • The kingdom must prevail...


North Realm
Valhalla Abbey · Icarus Pasture · Mt. Helios · Leviathan (land)
West Realm
Babylon · Noah's Desert · Lake Andromeda · Aquarius
East Realm
Ruins of Tartarus · Plains of Olympia · Catacombs of Pandora · Caverns of Goliath
South Realm
Necropolis · Elvenvale · Poseidon Inn· Luna Wastes

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