Raiments are costumes that the player can equip in the game. You start off with a few, and can unlock more by purchasing them with specific offerings in Carnatux's shop, or by meeting certain objectives, such as reaching S compatibility with a companion, or reaching the 30th floor in Alice's dungeon.

List of RaimentsEdit

The list of known Raiments in the game so far are:

Accessories Edit

Soul Sacrifice Delta has made head gear its on independent clothing in delta unlike the last Soul sacrifice game, Head gear/equipment in delta is called Accessories.

Some Accessories in the game can only be obtained in the blank pages section of the game .

The game currently has +50 Accessories (including different colours also maybe needs comfirmation)

List of known Accessories Edit

Please contribute and add missing items Edit

Side note Some Items are only obtainable in certain difficulties

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