First Encounter: Sorcerer's Ordeal Ch. 3 - Kill the Jack-o'-Lantern. Saving the Jack-o'-Lantern after this first archfiend fight makes Endeir an available ally.

Background: Due to his armor bearing a large resemblance to that of a Jack O' Lantern, it is implied that he is one of the former soldiers that became the lantern. Like most of the origin sorcerers, how they came to be sorcerers is left to speculation and theory. One theory is that being purified from their monstrous form left them with the abilities of a sorcerer. He speaks much like a mercenary, calling battles "clean up duty" and has a rather aloof attitude towards fighting. He seems to have no real opinion on morality, but is picky about the rules perhaps due to his background. He has a neutral arm, showing no preference towards sacrificing or saving monsters.

Fighting Style: Endeir favors fire weapons, aside from a regenesis seed for healing. His favorite weapons being Giant Arms, he makes a good frontman, and aside from a Firedrake egg, carries little risk of collateral damage.



Beginning: "I guess we're on clean up duty."

Player defeats a creature: "You seem undecided."

Player defeats a creature: "Hark on you, judge, jury, and executioner."

Player defeats a creature: "It's not bad being partnered up with you."

Saving an archfiend: "Hey Hey Hey! That's not playing by the rules!"

Sacrificing an archfiend: "Right, role of a Sorcerer and all that."

Taking minor damage: "Fiesty Bugger."

Reduced to half health: "This has gotten serious!"

Taking major damage: "Ow, it bloody hurts!"

When an Archfiend becomes enraged: "It's gotten riled now.  Pull back!"

Player taking minor damage: "Are you done pissing about?"

Player taking major damage: "Bloody fool..."

Archfiend near death: "Finish it already!"


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