Erenia's Husband
Gender Male
Arm Unknown
Spell Type(s) Unknown


First Encounter: Destinies Past Ch. 2 - Kill the Avaricious Slime. Can be saved as the archfiend Avaricious Slime but due to story plot can never be summoned as an ally.

Background: When Erenia was kidnapped by Illecebra, the dark sorceress promised to release her if he defeated the player and Magusar.  His determination to save his wife transformed him into the Avaricious Slime fought in the first chapter of Destinies Past.  Even if he is saved, Illecebra's manipulations cause him to attack the player and Magusar in a rage, forcing them to kill him.  However, his soul, now residing in both of the sorcerers' Right Arms, is still determined to save his wife, and attempts to push the duo to save Erenia.


Defeating him as an archfiend: "I don't want to die... yet."


Main Story Characters
Sortiara · Magusar · Illecebra · Librom
Supporting Characters
Anrakh · Erenia · Erenia's Husband · Nihil
Fellow Sorcerers
Venatar · Militar · Radux · Carnatux· Sympatha

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