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This section contains plot details about the game.

The Monster's OriginEdit

The monster was originally a human from an impoverished region.

In such an environment, it's no wonder desire so easily overwhelmed...

And wrought a hideous transformation.

About the VictimsEdit

The beast seemed ready to destroy everything in the vicinity.

The hatred was palpable.

Against the world, its people, and its very absurdity.

What Happened NextEdit

If Sacrificed

I sacrificed the beast.

Humans who become monsters must be purged, all.

No matter the cause of their grotesque transfigurations...

If Saved

I saved the monster.

After all, I must consider...

Is the true evil human greed?

Or the world that births it...?


Kill the Jack-o'-Lantern


(3/10) Symbols


Lake Andromeda


Recruitable AlliesEdit

Alwaid can be saved as the archfiend Jack-o'-Lantern making him an available ally.


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