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There was once a terrible plague that affected multitudes throughout the land.

It spread at terrifying speed, claiming countless victims.

Seeing the plague's pitiless progress, sorcerers who had mastered healing arts sought out its progenitor.

Many thought it strange that sorcerers, disciples of the dark arts, should show such concern for the plight of others.

To the sorcerers. this was unfair. Theirs was a necessary evil, their goal the maintenance of order. All that set them apart was their willingness to bend morality to their purpose.

The sorcerers left no stone unturned in their search for the scourge's source. It came to pass the culprit was a creature none suspected.

The rat.

The plague spread rapidly in areas of heavy rat-infestation.

Armed with this knowledge, a strategy was devised.

Very simply, exterminate as many rats as possible.

The only problem was that rats, as carriers of the plague, were dangerous.

People were too afraid to approach them for fear of the disease.

But soon enough one sorcerer was inspired to design special traps for killing rats.

A magically-enhanced poison was used as bait, and any rat caught in a trap would consume the slow acting toxin then return to their lair to spread the effects.

The idea was to exterminate as many rats as possible at a single stroke.

As use of the magic traps spread, the number of plague-infected fell dramatically.

It seemed a solution had been formed...until a fresh problem arose.

A new creature had come into being.

There were reports that rats were forming groups to attack humans, functioning as if one.

It seems that some rats exposed to the magic poison had managed to survive, and had mutated after consuming more of the bait.

In addition to the physical changes they underwent, there was something else these rats shared.

An implacable hatred of mankind.

The hatred was instinctive.

There was a shared memory deep within these creatures, of mankind and the poison that had slain so many of their brethren.

Groups of mutated rats attacked people, feasting on corpses, thus gaining strength.

There was an inevitability that their form would take on twisted human elements. After all, to fight humans, what could be better than a human-like form?

Over time, these mutated groups of rats were given a name.


They breed at a rate that far surpasses that of humans.

Some fear that one day these creatures, spawned from mutated rats, may even take man's place.


Goblins are the first enemies the player faces in the game. They are extremely easy to defeat as they are easily countered and a counter defeats them in one hit. They are also weak to all elements.

Species DiversityEdit

Name Affinity Elemental Weakness
Boozy Goblin - -
Goblin - Any
Toadstool Goblin Venom Heat
Blazing Goblin Heat Frost
Miserly Goblin Volt Stone
Coral Goblin Frost Volt
Steelthorn Goblin - -
Gravespike Goblin Stone Venom


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