Grim is a faction of sorcerer introduced in Soul Sacrifice Delta and is one of three playable factions, along with Avalon and Sanctuarium. The faction bears an important role in breaking the Eternal Recursion, and exist only when in the deviant version of world's Recurrence.

Origin and Purpose Edit

 After the last Nameles Sorcerer saved the world by sacrificing Magusar to the Chalice, he took up his time to inform his cognition of the Eternal Recursion to young Terrwyn before his cursed Right Arm took its effect. Terrwyn grew to admire the nameless sorcerer and triggered her brother's murderous envy, which forced Terrwyn to sacrifice his brother. The sacrifice made Terrwyn aware of the feelings that her brother bear for her, a love which crosses the line of siblings, such revelation spurred her hatred to the inequitable world, and she committed herself to stop the Eternal Recursion, thus the order of Grim was assembled with Terrwyn herself being its Heirach figure.

 Grim was named after and dedicated to fullfill the prophecy of Grimoire, a figurative prophet in the form of a book which held the knowledge of the Eternal Recurssion. This book is in fact the previous Librom that the Nameles Sorcerer read in his preparation in facing Magusar, which knowledge he share to Terrwyn before his conciusness went scramble as any Nameles Sorcerer before him.

 The Doctrine of the order focuses on seeking liberation from the Eternal Recursion, which Grim followers believe as a form of irrationality set by the Twin Gods as their jest and deny revering to either, cleaving in the middle way of order and chaos.

 The order is branded as abberation by Avalon much like Sanctuarium, however the their elusive campaign made them a less prominent enemy of the two. Grim's denial of the two gods puts it at odds with the other two groups and even Romalus Empire itself consider it as a threat. Despite the widespread animosity, Grim missionary was not without success, as people from across the land were known to follow their beliefs, altough some were said to do so in secret.

 Unlike Avalon and Sanctuarium, entry to the order requires reccomendation from an insider, and entry test are to be conducted unbeknowst to the subject, in which they must prove themselves to be able to "resist the choice". 

Role in The Story Edit

Geofrey Librom's first direct encounter with the order was in her hunt for Simillia, or rather more known as The Red Hood. Meeting her in the Tavern, Geofrey feel obliged to do as her say because she was known to be a legendary illusionist whom is futile to be escaped from. Similia tricked Geofrey into sharing his intel which she makes benefit from, but Geofrey's goal was revealed to be having her remove the illusions he suffer from Sortiara's curse. They seek help from Similia's grandmother-turned-monster for no result, and it was then Geofrey was tested by Similia by conjuring a fake Sacred Chalice that offered him cure by sacrificing Similia herself. Geofrey furiously rejected the offer and attacked Simillia, knowing that the Chalice was the work of her Appleshade-aided illusion, and for making a trick on Sortiara's matter which Geofrey can't bear to take unseriously. Congratulating Geofrey, Similia offered entry to Grim which Geofrey rejected, for he doubted he would have not accepted the offer if it was the real Sacred Chalice.

Sometimes before his encounter with Magusar, Geofrey had a journey with Kalem, a former Avalon sorcerer/singer which defected to Grim. His journey lead to the truth behind Geofrey's doubt that he is indeed the Kalem Avalon was so proud of and learned that his biological growth has waded his voice with masculine tone, for once many people think of him as a girl. The feeling of being victimized by the whim of Gods made Kalem turned his alleigance to Grim.

Sometimes later, Grim managed to capture the 13th Persapius, held him hostage for exchange of Ars Magica in totalis. Geofrey dispatched himself in rescue of Persapius, but his relation with the Red Hood put him in Avalon's suspicion too, which later marked him a traitor. This was when Geofrey first met with Terrwyn, heirach of the order itself which agreed to help him fighting off some monsters and even aided him in his fight against Vesh, an Avalon assassin that was sent to kill Geofrey. Vesh offered the Exchange between Persapius and Similia which they held captive. Terrwyn forgoes and left Simillia to her fate to be executed. Willing to save Simillia, Geofrey was about to steal Back Persapius right in front of Terrwyn, but Persapius himself rose from the wreck and used his magical power to relocate him and Geofrey away. After tey made their way back to Avalon' fortress, Persapius ordered Simillia's release and Geofrey's pardon, saving both lives and foiled Grim's plan.

Later during Magusar's reign, Grim was finally able to fullfill their goal, albeit in Terrwyyn's personal context. After Persapius was defeated and left dying from his figh with the maddened Magusar, Terrwyn sacrificed him and obtained the Ars Magica. With her newfound knowledge, she transported all manking to an illusion world where one can reunite with the deceased, refusing to linger in the comfort of dreamworld, Geofrey struggled to break the spell, killing Terrwyn on the way with the help of Sortiara's spirit that could take form in the Illusion world. Waking up in the barren real world, Geofrey and Simillia was met with the Sacred Chalice which was drawn to Simillia's desire "to be special to Geofrey". Resisting the temptaion, they stroke the chalice which angered the Twin gods, Magusar entered the fray and battled the gods with Geofrey. Simillia was unable to survive the encounter, and choose death, she demanded that Geofrey didn't sacrifice her. Unable to go on, Geofrey turned into a book, supposedly the last time to reoccur, with Magusar captured and used as vessel for the Twin gods. True to Grim's prophecy, the nameless Sorcerer never appeared again when Magusar rule his reign, and it falls to a certain Sorcerer by the name of Cerryx Camlann to decide the fate of mankind.

Altough antagonistic in potrayal, Grim holds the key role in mankind's struggle to break free from the Eternal Reccursion, however much of this credit goes to the widespread of their belief rather than notable members of the order itself, safe for Simillia, who helped Librom through his quest in breaking the Recurrence.

Gameplay Edit

Faction wise, Grim diminishes Fate action's speed augmentation, but allows the player to heal and boost their attack through Save/Sacrifice. However speed boost could still be achieved by stepping into Areas of effect in the battlefield, allowing Grim players to retain benefits of all three if they are meticulous enough In the heat of battle.

Among offering types supported by Grim heart sigils are but not limited to: Weapons, Throwing, Homing and Arboreal. Every offering type supported by Grim have their boosting sigil's secondary effect active for Neutral Arm, reflecting the doctrine of Grim to bear Neutrality.