First Encounter: Destinies Past Ch. 1 - Kill the Cyclops. Saving the archfiend Cyclops makes Hendricks an available ally.

Background: He's the blacksmith from the legend of the Cyclops. He was the great blacksmith in his city. His weapons were of high quality but were ugly leading to low popularity among nobility. His envy towards another blacksmith led him to becoming a monster. The reminder of his past is the missing right eye. True to his nature as a blacksmith he has some Weapon offerings. Also as an effect of his past life he has the ability to summon the mighty Cyclops' trident (Blacksmith's Eye (S)). His act of sacrifice remind of the Gorgon black rite because he chose to lose an eye to get a powerful new weapon. Now after return to his human form he continues his quest to prove his weapons are the best.



Beginning: "The monsters shall be defeated."

Attacking an Archfiend: "The murdered shall be avenged!"


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