Kill the Archfiend (Gemini)


(7/10) Symbols


Noah's Desert East


Gargoyle x 1

Jack-o'-Lantern x 1

Sawbones Ghoul Infinite

Recruitable AlliesEdit

Braga can be saved as Gargoyle or Jack-o'-Lantern archfiend making him an available ally.


Blaze Blanket (M)

Ferrous Timesand

Fire Giant God's Arm

Soldier's Ember (S) - as possible break reward

Soldier's Ember (M) - as possible break reward

Ganymede's Feyrock (S) - as possible break reward

Ganymede's Feyrock (M) - as possible break reward


In order to unlock "Hot Stone Desert", you must first clear the Desire quest "Snowfields Stone Man", which is unlocked by saving the Elven Queen in "A Royal Welcome", another Desire quest. Elven Queen should also have Saved status at the moment you want to start "Hot Stone Desert" quest.

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