There was once a man who lived in a constant state of wonderment. The merest glimpse at the night sky would fill him with fascination. As a young child he had seen a shooting star, and his heart nearly burst with excitement. After that, he devoted his life to skygazing, staring at the stars for hours as he lay in bed.

The habit continued into adulthood.

One evening, the man was looking at the sky as usual when a stranger approached.

He was a traveller, who claimed to be on a lengthy journey of discovery. "I've seen everything this world has to offer" the traveller boasted.

"I've even been to the moon and back!"

The stargazer looked down from the sky, and glared at the traveller with barely concealed envy.

"See this stone?" the traveller went on. "I brought this back with me from the moon." "It's very precious to me, but I can see you want it... Perhaps we can come to an agreement?"

The stargazer bought the stone for a small fortune. He had used all his savings, but was intensely happy.

A few days later, one of the stargazer's acquaintances came to visit him. He said that the traveller had been a famous con artist... One who had tricked countless victims in the past.

It turned out that the man had spent all his money on an ordinary rock.

He was absolutely incensed. His love of the night sky was something pure. He would not forgive the traveller for taking advantage of it.

The man tracked down the trickster, and demanded his money back... After a lengthy quarrel, however, all he received was a knife in the stomach.

Though his consciousness was fading, the man could still make out the stars in the night sky. As he gazed at them, he experienced two separate sensations.

The first was a simple desire to continue looking at the heavens. The second was an intense hatred towards the man who had tricked and stabbed him.

At that very moment, a curious light appeared. A white chalice floated before the stargazer, and began to speak. He readily agreed to the chalice's proposal.

A column of white light rose around the man. As though supported by the light, he began to float into the sky.

He continued rising further and further into space. Until his body became another star in his beloved night sky. Half of the man's desires had been satisfied... But this had come at a price. He could never be human again.

In his new guise, he descended to earth.

Heading for the man who had tricked him.

The falling star became an arrow. A manifestation of the man's desire for revenge.

The arrow-shaped star caused a enormous explosion as it crashed into the ground. Changing the surrounding area beyond all recognition.

A sign of how much the stargazer hated his aggressor... Or a sign of how much he loved the stars... Whichever it was, the con artist simply vanished. Indeed, the whole area had turned into a wasteland. There is now not a single tree in sight.

The area is also shrouded in constant darkness, perhaps as a result of the stargazer's passion for the night sky. The only source of light is the arrow that fell from the sky. Standing there still, burning as brightly as ever...

Quests taking placeEdit

      Fellow Sorcerers

      Avalon Pacts


Heard during memory quests:

  • I used to love staring at the night sky.
  • I would stay up, night after night, just stargazing.
  • When I bought that moonrock...
  • I was just so happy.
  • But I was tricked...
  • He was just a conman!
  • It's not the money that troubles me...
  • It's the fact that he took advantage of my passion.
  • I will not forgive him. I simply cannot...
  • I shall crush that man into stardust!


North Realm
Valhalla Abbey · Icarus Pasture · Mt. Helios · Leviathan (land)
West Realm
Babylon · Noah's Desert · Lake Andromeda · Aquarius
East Realm
Ruins of Tartarus · Plains of Olympia · Catacombs of Pandora · Caverns of Goliath
South Realm
Necropolis · Elvenvale · Poseidon Inn· Luna Wastes

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