This guide is roughly written. Hope anyone who is interested in editing can help me to improve it.

Magic CombinationEdit

Basically, for magic with duration or long channeling effects, the user must not be interrupted by any source of damage or moved from his or her position. Rock Shell(Ring Icon with Earth Element, Armor Spell) provides good protection and sturdy footing for staying immobile.

Some builds from me :


(Monsternip + Rock Shell + any Area Heal Magic/ Regen Seed)

Hand: Set it with Def > Atk Ratio

This combo gives a lot of space to DPS types to crush enemies attracted by Monsternip. Rock Shell for hard skin and Heal for survival.


(Rock Shell + Axe, Hammer, Sword )

Hand : High Atk Ratio(4:1 or higher), Elemental Status Chance Increase(prefered Freeze, Paralysis or Petrify status)

Insane damage. High chance to be afflicted with status. Hard skin. Heavy body. 'Nuff said.

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