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This is the Magusar Strategy Article, If you are looking for the Magusar Character Article please refer to Magusar

Divine ArmEdit

Suggested BuildsEdit

  • Offerings
    • Sanguine Cannon
    • Any Fiend Heart
    • Any Fiend Heart
    • Any Drake Egg (L)
    • Healing Seed (L) / Slime Ooze (L)
    • Regenesis Seeds (Any)
  • Sigils
    • Cause and Effect Sigil (Upper Arm)
    • Forcebreak Sigil II or others (Upper Arm)
    • Divine Blood Sigil (Forearm)
    • Solo Healing Sigil, Slaver Sigil or Divine Blood Sigil (Forearm)
    • Attunement Sigil or others (Palm)
  • Black Rite
    • Infernus
    • Excalibur

Try farm and fuse your offerings to their max level with three stars, since you can't recover your offerings in this battle (but the game renew your offerings when you enter the second phase.) Your main source of damage will be coming from the summons, so make sure it is at least at the gold level with 380 Power/3 casts. You can also use Magic Stone Amulet or Falcon Feather to replace either the Drake Egg or second Fiend Heart if you want to be more defensive, although being divine with healing seed (L) and solo healing sigil will almost heal you back to full health. Magic Stone Amulet is nice for preventing knock down and reduce your damage taken from Magusar to minimum level, while Falcon Feather helps cover the ground quickly and reduces your chance to get Gungnir from Magusar. Despite being Divine Build, summons and blood shots make this battle relatively short and easy.

Battle 1 (Magusar)Edit

When the battle begins, cast Regenesis Seed and rush towards to Magusar with Sanguine Cannon. 2-3 shots from the cannon will break his shield while the regen effect allows you to spam blood shots continuously. Afterwards he will teleport to the edge of the map and begins his summoning attack (black orb summoning.) Quickly run towards him and place the golem directly behind him, after that you can still shoot him a few times before five golems appear on the map. When that happens quickly run away to the opposite side of the map while let your golem do all the damage. During this phase Magusar is immobile and his attacks won't be able to reach you except the few occasion lightning bolt from the ground. At this point his health should be really low, run to him and keep shooting him with the blood shot. When he is preparing the summoning attack again, repeat the same process. He should go down after that. Note that your offerings will be renewed in the next phase of battle, so it is your best interest to keep your health max at all time.

Battle 2 (Dragon)Edit

While his fire breath attack can be easily avoided by staying away or side of him, his tornado attack is actually quite fast and chases after you. Start running around him in circle to avoid his torando while trying to get behind him. Carefuly place a golem next to either of his leg (Stone Amulet allows you just go directly under him and summon a golem without getting interrupted,) and begins either blood shot him or throw him with Eggs. Keep up with the assault until his leg collapses. When he is down, keep attack him and recast another golem when he is almost back up. Occasionaly he will fly away and try to dive at your location while creating bulbs and slow down barrier chain with his black orbs. His attacks are relatively simple and can be easily avoided. With blood shot, golem and egg he will go down really fast as long as you can stay behind him. Beware that when he is nearly dying, he will occasionally summon a skeleton mage on the field. When that happens run towards it (while avoiding his attacks) and quickly sacrifice it (Falcon Feather helps here.) If you left the skeleton mage on the field for too long, Magusar will sacrifice it and cast Gungnir on you. Even being divine, the spell will most likely instant kill you even at full health. One way to avoid Gungnir is time your own Black Rite spells during his Gungnir attack.

Dark ArmEdit

Suggested BuildsEdit

  • Offerings
    • Throwing Sigil (L)
    • Throwing Sigil (L)
    • Throwing Sigil (L)
    • Weapon
    • Summon (Power 300, Min 2 Casts)
    • Healing Spell 
  • Sigils
    • Upper Arm: Cause and Effect Sigil - Increased Damage to Dragons, Decreased Damage Sustained fromm Dragons.
    • Upper Arm: Your Choice (Recommended Miraculous Sigil - Base Health Increase)
    • Forearm: Exterminator Sigil - Throw Magic Amp
    • Forearm: Your Choice (Recommended Weapon, Arm, or Summon Sigil)
    • Palm: Your Choice (Attunement Sigil III works well)
  • Black Rite
    • Infernus - Recommended (Good Damage, Price Paid not horrible with Cause and Effect Sigil)
    • Excalibur - Good Damage, Extremily Risky
    • Gorgon
    • Gleipnir - Useless? (I couldnt find a way to grab Magusar with it to use it with a Summoned Golem)
    • Vulcan - Useless (No Allies in this fight)

Phase 1 (Magusar) StrategyEdit

Spam your Throwing Sigils on Magusar until his shield breaks. At this point you have two options: 1 - Keep spaming Throwing Sigils causing him to not activate his fire elementals, or 2 - Use your Summon or Weapon next to where he starts to cast (He will teleport before casting usually so wait till you actually see him casting his black orb spell) then run when the Fire elementals spawn and repeat Throwing Sigils once they despawn.

Phase 2 (Dragon) StrategyEdit

Position yourself near his Left leg (Right leg if your looking at him) to dodge his fire attacks and tornado attacks. Spam Throwing Sigils until you make the leg collapse, once this happens get as close to his leg as possible and summon your golem then your weapon, attack the boss until he gets back up. Once he stands back up try to keep him near your golem until it despawns, continue to attack the same leg with Throwing Sigils until the leg collapses again, repeat the above strategy. When he stands up after this round of Summon/Weapon attacks you have two options. If you have more casts on your Summon you can continue to repeat everything above until Magusar dies, or you can activate your Black Rite (Infernus) which should take Magusar down to red hp, you should be able to just kill him with your remaining Throwing Sigils at this point.

Phase 1 Edit

Phase 2 Edit

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