First Encounter: Knight of Vengeance Ch. 1 - Kill the Jack Frost. Can be recruited after Knight of Vengeance Ch. 2. Life Level 15 required for starting his story.

Background: His parents killed by a king seeking to extinguish all sorcerers in his reach, he vowed to bring this kingdom down from within.

Fighting Style: As with all story allies, he comes with a healing item, making him useful. Most of his offerings upon progressing is Weapon type offering.



"Let us see these skills of yours" - Beginning of Phantom Quests.


Main Story Characters
Sortiara · Magusar · Illecebra · Librom
Supporting Characters
Anrakh · Erenia · Erenia's Husband · Nihil
Fellow Sorcerers
Venatar · Militar · Radux · Carnatux· Sympatha

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