Compilation of the Archfiends attacks and weaknesses for quick reference.

Link to graphical chart


Name Attack Weakness
Abyssal Fiend Volt Stone
Alice Volt, Heat, Venom None
Bahamut None Venom
Basilisk Venom Heat
Behemoth Venom Heat
Beelzebub Heat
Cat Sith None
Centaur Heat Frost
Cerberus Volt Stone
Cert None None
Chimera Heat, Volt Head: Frost
Mace: Stone
Shield: Heat
Chthonian Fiend Heat Frost
Cinderella Stone Venom
Cyclops None None
Dullahan Venom
Dwarves Heat
Elven Queen None Heat
Frog Prince Frost Volt
Gargoyle Stone Venom
Gigas Venom Heat
God-Dragon None None
Griffin None None
Hansel and Gretel None None
Harpy None Heat
Hydra Venom Heat
Incubus None
Iron Maiden Heat
Jack Frost Frost Volt
Jack-o'-Lantern Heat Frost
Kraken Frost Volt
Leprechauns None None
Leviathan Volt
Lizardman None
Minotaur Volt
Musicians of Bremen None
Naked Emperor Volt Stone
Odin All None
Ogre Frost
Ouroboros Volt Stone
Pegasus Frost Volt
Phoenix Heat Frost
Pied Piper of Hamelin Heat Frost
Red Riding Hood Wolf Knight : None

Witch : Volt, Heat

Siren Volt
Slime (Avarice) None None
Slime (Gluttony) None


Snow White Heat
Succubus Heat Frost
Terrwyn Frost Volt
Three Little Pigs Heat
Tortoise and the Hare Stone Venom
Troll Heat
Unicorn Frost Volt
Valkyrie Volt Stone
Werewolf Heat Frost
Wraith None
Wyvern None None
Illecebra (Archfiend) Multiple Multiple


Name Attack Weakness
Goblin None All
Toadstool Goblin Heat
Blazing Goblin Frost
Boozy Goblin None
Coral Goblin Volt
Miserly Goblin Venom
Gravespike Goblin Venom
Steelthorn Goblin None
Orc None None
Glacial Orc Frost Volt
Poison Ivy Orc Venom Heat
Ghoul None None
Arriviste Ghoul Stone
Sawbones Ghoul Venom Heat
Automoton Ghoul Volt Stone
Kobold None
Seedling Kobold None
Pineflower Kobold None
Deciduous Kobold None
Fruit Spider None None
Rancid Egg Spider Venom Heat
Candle Spider Heat Frost

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