Nadox can be saved as the Leprechauns to become an ally. He is most likely one of three brothers from the legend of the Leprechauns.

First Encounter: Forgotten Pacts - Hour of Ash - Brotherly Bust-up in the Cave (DLC)

He is dressed in his own unique green version of Noble raiment and wears a top hat on his head. Also, due to his background, he is carrying a shoemaker's hammer on the back. Wether he is still a shoemaker or not is unknown.



Beginning: "I guess we're on clean up duty."

Player defeats a creature: "You seem undecided."

Player defeats a creature: "Hark on you, judge jury and executioner."

Player defeats a creature: "It's not bad being partnered up with you."

Saving an archfiend: "Hey Hey! That's against the rules!"

Sacrificing an archfiend: "Right, role of a Sorcerer and all that."

Taking minor damage: "Fiesty Bugger."

Reduced to half health: "This has gotten serious!"

Taking major damage: "Ow, it bloody hurts!"

When an Archfiend becomes enraged: "It's gotten riled now.  Pull back!"

Player taking minor damage: "Are you done pissing about?"

Player taking major damage: "Bloody fool..."

Archfiend near death: "Finish it already!"


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