Color Picture (Male) Picture (Female) How to Obtain
Color A
Complete Ballad of a Werewolf Ch. 4
Color B Complete A Flutter in the Abbey
Color C Complete Bratty Sea Bottom
Color D
Color E
Color F
Color G
Save 100 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers
Color H
Physician male color H
Physician Female color H
Sacrifice 100 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers.
Color I
Physician male color I
Physician female color I
  • Save/Sacrifice a total of 500 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers.
  • Save 100 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers while wearing Color H
  • Sacrifice 100 Archfiends or Enemy Sorcerers while wearing Color G.
Noble· Intellectual · Spellcaster · Knight · Physician · Hunter · Wanderer · Conjurer · Warrior · Sand Dweller · Stranger · Nomad · Dancer

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