Radux in the Japanese version is known as Percival.

First Encounter: Child of a Monster Ch. 1 - Eliminate Foul Beasts. Can be recruted after Child of a Monster Ch. 2 . Unlocked after Several Years Later Ch. 4 .

Background: A Venomous Sorcerer, adopted child of a kobold, his right arm is covered in vines. He has a peculiar manner to him, constantly clawing at his chest, and speaking with the frank innocence of a five year old. His grasp of human speech seems lacking. His Nickname is "The Forest Child". He has a Venom-like appearance on his right arm to his head.

Fighting Style: Radux prefers venom offerings, such as a sapling root and Green Giant Arm. He carries a healing bloom with him as well. His close combat style with his ability to heal allies makes him an unobstructive partner, and his neutral arm allows you to use your own morality during combat, as with other neutrals (though he will chide you for saving monsters, exclaiming "Bad!")



Beginning: "Time for fight!"

Player attacks an Archfiend: "Today's enemy? Okay..."

Player defeats a creature: "Ok... Sacrifice time.."

Player defeats a creature: "You kill it now?"

Player takes minor damage: "You Okay?"

Taking damage: "Feel bad now..."

Player near death: "Dangerous! Run now!"

Player near death: "Run now! Dangerous!"

Near death: "This ends for me..."

Dying: "Ugghh... ugghh..."

Saved: "...Thank you"

Archfiend near death: "Enemy weak now..."

Player ready to Save/Sacrifice an archfiend: "Okay... Bye bye time..."

Saving an archfiend: "Bad! Very Bad!"

Sacrificing an archfiend: "Chest hurts now... why?"

Talking at Carnatuxs' Bazaar (in Soul Sacrifice Delta): "Shop...Time..."

When given a rumor by Radux in Carnatux's Bazaar (in Soul Sacrifice Delta): "Rumor.. For you."


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Supporting Characters
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