Rakasar can be saved as the Unicorn to become an ally. He was the original Unicorn, the king from the legend of the Unicorn. Probably due to his background, he is wearing heavy knight's armor. In the Lore, he is said to have worn a helmet as well as the armor to protect himself from assassins. But when he is saved as an archfiend, he has no helmet. This implies that he no longer fears death as much as he did long ago.

He has a Divine Arm and disapproves of sacrificing archfiends. Most likely because he is still afraid of death himself, and can't bring himself take another's life.

First Encounter: Forgotten Pacts. Hour of Zaffre. Wheels of Steel on the Road



"Well, let's get going, shall we?" - Beginning of Phantom Quests

Player defeats a creature: "Wait! We need to save it!"

Player defeats a creature: "You've taken so many lives..."


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