The Target's FamilyEdit

It happened while I was searching for the appointed victim.

I met the monster's family...

When they realized the identity of my appointed victim, they wept and begged me to stop...

The MonsterEdit

The appointed victim had attacked several towns and villages, and claimed over a hundred lives.

Many people lost friends and family as a result.

My inaction would mean the destruction only continued.

What Happened NextEdit

If Sacrificed

I chose to sacrifice.

Monsters must be exterminated, no matter the cost.

Such is our code.

If it means the world can embrace the light, I will gladly do evil.

If Saved

I chose to save the victim.

Defying the code caused an outpouring of guilt... Yet now someone owes me their life, and is grateful.

Surely this alone bestows my actions some value.


Kill the Centaur


(4/10) Symbols


Plains of Olympia


Recruitable AlliesEdit

Elmerim can be saved as the Centaur archfiend making him an avaible ally.



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