First Encounter: Heretic Savior Ch. 1. Can be recruited after Heretic Savior Ch. 1

Sympatha is the sorcerer who tries to pass the Ordeal in order to join secret sorcerers' society Sanctuarium which supports saving both monsters and wounded sorcerers.

Later in the game Sympatha is revealed to be Lenixion, the leader of Sanctuarium.

It should also be noted that sympatha has bandage's covering her right eye. this hint's towards her having at some point used the gorgon black rite.

Fighting Style: As with all story allies, she starts with a healing item, making her useful. Most of her offerings upon progressing are Homing type offerings.

Note: While she is a Divine Arm, she will not leave your party if you choose to sacrifice, though she will voice her disappointment.



"I shall save this impure world." - Beginning of Phantom Quests.

"Greed has spawned this monster. We must bring it to heel." - Beginning combat with an Archfiend.

"Don't forfeit your life. You have People to save!" - When the player takes minor Damage

"Now we must save this beast." - After defeating the Archfiend

"And so the spirit of salvation shines hope on the world." - A Player saved the Archfiend


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