First Encounter: I. Innocence: Desert Drag - Kill the Centaur. Unlocked after sacrificing Harpy in I. Innocence: Snowfield Glutton. Can be saved as the archfiend Centaur, choosable as an Ally afterwards.

Background: Thyrian is shirtless, and wears an eyepatch as well as an arrow quiver.  This, as well as the fact that his Centaur form is not a Doppelganger, suggests he is the bandit lord that became the first Centaur, as described in Librom's entry on the creature. As a Dark Sorcerer, Thyrian is against saving Archfiends, and saving too many Archfiends with him in the pary risks causing him to become Separated from you.  Despite the lore surrounding him, he isn't nearly as slothful and aloof as the legend. He is vindictive towards archfiends in particular, refusing to die until he has avenged the murders they caused (or perhaps the ones he caused). He becomes ignorant of his and his allies condition in the fray, asking you to sacrifice him and becoming outraged if you show mercy. Probably because of his former self as a Centaur not able to leave this world on his own will.

Fighting Style: As befitting his former monstrous nature, Thyrian comes equipped with the Archer's Arrowhead (S) offering. He specializes in fire-based attacks, but he also has a few venom based abilities as well.



Beginning: "The monsters shall be defeated."

Upon defeating a creature: "Do it!"

Upon defeating a creature: "Sacrifice it!"

Attacking an Archfiend: "The murdered shall be avenged!"

Upon death, requesting to be sacrificed: "This is no time for emotion! Do what you must to slay the beast!"

If saved: "Be careful. Lest your kindness prove fatal."


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